We welcome you to "A Heart For China" (AHFC)
International Charity Volunteer Organization
Headquarters in Shenzhen - China

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Sharing is Caring…
The basic principle of charity is to care
The magic,...it changes how i see the world, the way i see trees, the way i see sunshine and the way i even see you
AHFC Videos
Watch our videos made by media channels and our volunteers
and get enchanted by what we do in "A Heart For China"
About us
AHFC has grown into an international charity volunteer group 
with goodhearted people joining us from all over the world
You can make a difference today by helping someone in need!
Life is more precious than money
Find out what the written media says about "A Heart For China".
Read through our newspaper and magazine articles
Volunteer Info
Do you want to volunteer some of your time and talent to AHFC?
Then this is the page to visit. Find out more to be a volunteer!
Photo Galleries
Take a look at our extended photo galleries about our activities.
Experience the happiness given and shared in pictures
AHFC Projects
Get yourself familiar with our past, present and future projects.
A clear understanding is very important of what AHFC stands for
Find out how you can be a true volunteer with us and help others
Every little bit you donate to us, we get a little closer to help someone
We are an organization on the move and try to help where we can